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Megan R. Sanctuary CGP, MS, PhD


I am the founder of Revelation Nutrition & Health, an organization that provides education, community outreach, and individual support to bring nutritional wisdom and truth to the public. It is our vision to empower people to return to God's way of health and healing by shedding light on deception and providing education about God-given food and medicine.


Our mission is to help people achieve the health and wellness that God intended for us by:

  • Educating the public on the current state of the food and medical systems in the United States including the harms of modern farming practices, industrialized food production and processing systems, the link between modern foods and chronic diseases, and the failed paradigm of reductionist conventional medicine (ie the poison, cut, burn approach to "healthcare").
  • Empowering people through education to seek God-given healing modalities such as nutritional protocols, herbal medicine, other holistic alternative treatments, and spiritual healing.
  • Helping people discern between God-given and man-made foods, beverages, dietary supplements, and medicines through outreach and education.
  • Providing individual nutritional protocols based on health history and current symptoms that serve to optimize by body function through nourishing the body and restoring detoxification pathways to promote self-healing.
  • Designing tailored dietary supplement and detoxification protocols that align with nutritional protocols.



Certified GAPS Practitioner (CGP), GAPS Training, LLC, 2023

Ph.D. in Nutritional Biology, University of California – Davis, 2016
M.S. in Molecular and Integrative Physiology, University of Illinois –
Urbana/Champaign, 2011
B.S. in Biological Sciences, Eastern Illinois University, 2009


Areas of Concentration:

  • Nutrition education and awareness
  • Food as medicine
  • Alternative medicine
  • History of the human diet
  • Modern food manufucturing and human disease
  • Ancestral nutrition and health
  • Gut physiology and the microbiota
  • Human milk and dairy foods
  • Infant diets
  • Weaning diets
  • Immunology
  • Autism spectrum disorders

Research / Interests:
I am extremely passionate about controversies in nutrition science and teaching basic scientific methods. I think it is very important to develop critical thinking skills to be able to decipher nutrition information for yourself, rather than trusting someone else's opinion. I also promote optimal diet for fertility, pregnancy, and in early life including infant and weaning diets. We also need to address our reltionship with food and gain wisdom about where food comes from. Know farmers, know food. No farmers, no food. I am also interested in gut function and the idea of the gut as the root of health. Many disease states originate in the gut and cause problems throughout the body. Therefore, our food choices involve much more than simply meeting nutrient requirements. We need to consider the history of the human diet and contribution of modern food production to diseases in determining which foods people are adapted to eat. It is important to emphasize God-given foods over man-made foods. The focus on my dietary strategies is the promotion of whole foods and avoidance of processed modern foods as well as implementation of the Gut and Psychology/Physiology Syndrome (GAPS) nutritional protocols for dietary support of chronic diseases. 

Services Provided

  • Nutrition  and Health Consultation: I provide several consultation services including personalized nutritional protocols to support those with health conditions and chronic diseases, personal dietary assesment, and guidance on best practices in infant and child feeding and diets during pregnancy.
  • Nutrition and Health Education: I provide several educational services including conference speaking, course development, educational video content development, and written educational materials and resources.
  • Nutrition and Health Writing Services: I provide several writing services including original research and method papers, review articles, news and opinion papers, as well as textbook and other educational literature.


 *Please email me at FIMnutritionInc@gmail.com for more information.*